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Paradise rests Within...

Let us awaken you there.


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Harvest Moon/Super-Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Spiritual & Emotional Preparation for

Spring Awakening

An Embodiment Journey in the Puja Tradition

Honoring the Divine in Self and Other


  • Explore meanings, shadows, and joys of connection with your essential self, as reflected in the qualities of Spring Change.
  • Expect a deep archetypal and somatic dive into the movements of the Fall Season as experienced in your body and in relationship.
  • Anticipate unique healing adventures set in High Play at unexpected levels of Conscious Awareness.
  • Uncover insight inside yourself, and as reflected by others, while you awaken the Intelligence of your body.
  • Assume thoughtful and wise presentation. We combine principles and practices of Somatic Psychology, practical body/mind skills adapted from Tantra Yoga, and decades of professional and personal experience.

     Everyone is Welcome to our Embodiment Journeys in the Puja Tradition. We begin our 4th year of these non-gender specific regular meetings-with-meaning. Please join us to learn more about the quality of your Self, alive in your body. No previous experience is necessary. Our Ashland sanctuary space is a safe, respectful, supportive, healing environment.  


     We request donations ($10-$50 suggested), in the spirit of supporting our contemplation and preparation of these unique healing adventures (no one will be turned away for lack of funds).

     Contact Dr. Zeb (541-292-9876) or Dakini Candance (541-324-6021)

to secure your participation, or with questions. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early.


We use Tantra Principles
∞ Embodied Presence ∞ Openness ∞ Awareness ∞ Love ∞
And shape a unique Healing Journey
Intended to increase body/mind experience of the "inner-Divine."

We use Tantra Practices
Conscious Breath ∞ Movement ∞ Aware Touch ∞ Sound ∞ Visualization
And guide you to Experience of your Essential Nature.

Tantra Principles & Practices Wake Up your Body & your Mind.
Your sensory experience of life increases.

Tantra Principles & Practices give you Tools to
Manage the surges of Feeling that arise as you Awaken

Awaken your body’s Life-Energy centers, the Chakras.
Uncover your Essential Nature as a Healthy body-mind Experience.
Explore Connection with Others from this Deep place of Self-Love.

You don't have to be in a relationship to participate in these

Sacred Healing Journeys.
This Puja ceremony is non-gender specific and open to everyone.
Join others to cultivate this ancient and modern wisdom.
A safe, private, & supportive environment for Awakening & Healing.

Expect to feel Life-Energy, Consciousness, &

Meaningful Connection flow through all of your parts.

This Puja experience will fill you up from the inside.
Aliveness streams throughout your entire being as you

Practice Embodied Connection.
You discover deep satisfaction & enormous pleasure, in

Ways you never thought possible


Everyone Welcome Boundaries Respected

Questions & Registration Phone Dr. Zeb: 541-292-9876


Dr Zeb Lancaster & Dakini Candance Cave, each informed by more than 30 years of professional experience, education & yoga, have together guided healing journeys in Ashland since 2010. Dr. Zeb Lancaster, PhD, in private practice as a Somatic Counselor, Sex Therapist & Rolfer®, also guides embodiment mediations for emotional healing in an on-going, open Monday evening class. Dakini Candance Cave offers Energy Tune-ups, guides the simple embodiment meditations of the Realization Process® privately & on Wednesday evenings, and shares plant wisdom from the Wise Woman Tradition.





                            ...Bring more Love, Passion and Joy into your life!

Talk, Teach, Touch…

Listen, Learn, Linger…

Express, Expand, Excite…

Communicate, Cultivate, Connect…

Share, Sense, Stimulate…

Laugh, Live, Love…