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Somatic Psychology & Tantra Yoga 

The healing philosophy at Oregon Tantra Sanctuary is a unique blend of Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga. 

From the Psychology perspective, we won’t sit you in a chair and analyze you.  We guide Somatic (body/mind) Psychology, skills like finding meaning, deep listening, core communication and authentic sense of self. You’ll attune more adeptly to the qualities inherent to your essential nature, not only as a concept, but as you feel it in your body, right now, in the beauty of the present moment. 

From the Yoga perspective, we don’t ask you to bend into pretzels or entwine in some complex posture. We guide simple Tantra (body/heart) Yoga tools like conscious breathing, transmission of vitality, touch, and presence. You’ll awaken to more mutual experience of aliveness, sensation, and connection in all of your Being.

There are many similarities between Somatic Psychology & Tantra Yoga. Both guide towards feelings of connection and well-being, and use the body as a vehicle for wholeness. They also both support:

Experiences of aliveness in the Body


Management of Life-energy & Vitality

Using sensory experience as a tool to inform.

Using sensory experience as resource for healing.

Unwinding fixed patterns of tension in body/mind/emotions

Oriention to relationship between self & other)

Exploring touch & all the senses

Boundaries (Tantra calls them “sacred space")

Seek wholeness & connection for each person

     Tantra Yoga is an ancient form of body-oriented psychology. It is one of the only personal-growth paths that recognizes the value of the body in achieving emotional freedom from anxiety and in healing emotional injuries. As a school of thought and practice, Tantra Yoga has a history of over five thousand years of bringing together the intelligence of the mind and the wisdom of the body.

    In the West, understanding of the role of the body and sexuality in psychic processes began with Freud, 1856-1939. Freud’s perspective recognizes that how you think about your life influences how your body functions; your physical state of being influences the thoughts you have; both mind and body influence your emotional state.

     Together, Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga integrate the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions of life. They provide a meaningful and often profoundly effective way of healing emotional injury and manifesting potential. Some of the main areas that Tantra and Somatic Psychology have in common include:


Essential Self: Both Tantra Yoga and Somatic Psychology help enable you to connect to your essential Self. Your essential Self is composed of the most authentic aspects of your being. We are all born with an essential Self, yet it awakens only when it is recognized and supported. Also, the intensity of your life can make you lose contact with your essential Self. Our aim at OTS is to help you experience support and acknowledgment for your authentic behaviors, so your essential Self comes alive.

Life-Energy: Both Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga work with the life-energy system of the body-mind. Like all other biological organisms, the human body continually produces energy. The energetically charged state is normally followed by a phase of discharge. When you feel unsupported and lose contact with your essential Self, your ability to build and release life-energy, and then relax into a balanced state, is interrupted. Experiences get lodged in your body as a tight stomach or a heavy heart and have a direct impact on the quality and quantity, the accumulation and distribution, of your “life-force,” your natural vitality.  At OTS, we help you achieve resolution of your emotional issues by enhancing your ability to successfully complete your natural life-energy cycle.

Presence: Tantra Yoga and Somatic Psychology recognize the various ways you may interrupt awareness of your essential Self, as well as inhibit your natural cycles of building and releasing life-energy charge. Whether you dissociate, lose presence, or get stuck in self-defeating habits such as withdrawing, merging, hardening, or pushing away, when you interrupt awareness of your essential Self you can’t fully build up a life-energy charge and then you certainly can't release it.

Fixed patterns of tension & consciousness: When you become aware of how your body experience is connected to your emotional experience, you recognize how unresolved emotions are accompanied by fixed patterns of tension and consciousness. As you come to understand this, you can then learn to face your most difficult emotional challenges without interrupting the natural flow of your life-energy and your sense of contact with your most authentic Self as a body felt experience. You track your awareness of connection, or lack of connection, to the energetic flow of aliveness in your body. You discover that each time you respond to your biggest challenges with an awareness of your essential Self, your body’s core patterns of tension relax and aliveness is reawakened.

Spirituality: Tantra Yoga includes spirituality (not religion) as a communion with the divine in all life. When we use the words spiritual, we are really referring to the very essence of what it means to be alive, under the distorting fantasies, artifices and constraints. The search for this essence is also a central tenet of Somatic Psychology. Both encourage a search to “know who you are,” to understand the “meaning of life,” to find ways of reducing suffering, and support a sense of “inner peace” and happiness. This is an inherent part of personal growth and spiritual awakening. 

Sexuality: Western neo-Tantra emphasizes sexuality as a means of personal growth. It operates with the understanding that sexuality is a most powerful, creative force. When awakened, sensual experience can directly catalyze the awakening of every aspect of our essential Self.     Freud recognized the importance of sexuality in the formation of the psyche and developed his seminal theories of psychosexual stages and libido. Wilhelm Reich, Freud’s student and “father” of western Somatic Psychology, developed this further and applied it to body processes.

    In modern western culture, the healing power of sexuality appears not to be understood, and sex is often approached neurotically. Therefore, learning how to use the power and pleasure of sexual eros to fuel awakening of your essential Self and a sense of internal sacredness is particularly important and transformative.  


    At Oregon Tantra Sanctuary, Dr Zeb and Dakini Candance integrate modern Somatic Psychology with the age old practices of Tantra Yoga.  Our orientation can either focus on sensuality and sexual potential, or on simple mind-body tools as a path towards emotional growth and more intimacy with self and others.  Our depth of understanding and clear boundaries allow for personal meaning to unfold at a variety of levels.

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