Kashmiri Shivaism Tantra Yoga


    Asian nondual spiritual traditions agree that the true nature of existence is unified yet has two different fundamental dimensions of consciousness: duality and nonduality. "Duality consciousness" is our ordinary state of consciousness that emphasizes all the mental, physical, emotional, relational, inter-subjective things in life. These dualistic thoughts, emotions, and sensations “arise from each other” as a cause and effect, automatic reactive sequence. They are what leads to the outdated habits of mind and body associated with our emotional injuries. These habits often  limit us from manifesting our potential and create conflict in relationships. 

    Nondual consciousness and spiritual awareness is commonly understood to be an "exclusive" state where the experiences of thought, emotion, and sensation that accompany "duality consciousness" are considered to either be an illusion (maya, Hinduism) or empty (sunyata, Buddhism). In this "exclusive" nondual spiritual state we lose our self-reflective sense of self along with our thoughts, emotions and sensations. Although the goal is nondual consciousness (purusa/Shiva) this understanding commonly gets caught in creating a polarity between nonduality/purusa and duality/prakriti. In separating out "duality consciousness" experiences from nondual awareness creates a polarity that is limiting. It prevents true nondual experience.

    In contrast, and in alignment with Kashmiri Shaivism Tantraat OTS we believe that true nondual spiritual awakening is an embodied experience. It is an "inclusive" integration of nondual awareness with the ordinary duality consciousness. When we attune to an experience of these dimension together we uncover an embodied nondual experience. 

     If the nondual dimension of our being were devoid of all reflective awareness and body-mind experience it would not be awakened and self-aware. Consequently, we guide you to awaken a nondual spirituality that gives you access to the unchanging, still, universal ground of your being as a body experience. This embodied awakening will support you to let go of the habits of mind and body associated with our emotional injuries and open to your full potential. This “inclusive” nondual paradigm (both purusa & prakriti, or Shiva & Shakti) is grounded on an experiential understanding where nondual consciousness intersects duality consciousness and they both exist simultaneously as one. Spirituality comes to life in your body-mind. 

    At OTS, we employ this “inclusive” approach to awaken an embodied nondual experience that allows you to maintain the awareness of being a separate individual even as you feel spiritual oneness.  This is a feeling of being whole within your self, while simultaneously being unified with the experience in the present moment. It is not an effacement of your own humanness in nondual emersion (“exclusive”), but a vital embodied awakening to the wholeness of the essential ground of your being (experienced as unchanging, stillness, balance, spaciousness, universal, and as a unity).


    When lovers join attuned to this core experience of unity while not submerging his and her own unique individuality, all the outdated patterns of thought, emotion, and physical sensation that limit each of you dissolve and true spiritual awakening is possible.

    Add a little Neo-Tantra sensual awakening and sparks fly beyond your imagination. Learning how to use the power and pleasure of sexual eros to fuel awakening of your nondual essential Self and a sense of internal sacredness is particularly important and transformative. What you will find personally is your life changes so that within the quality of your acts, the “how” of living life, each gesture, word and thought, you find the pleasure of wholeness, and within your intimate sensually alive contact with your beloved you uncover a sacred union. 


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