Embodied Spiritual Meditation 

with Dr. Zeb

Twice a Month  Tuesdays  5:45 – 7:15pm

at Chakra Garden of Ashland

    In the approach to meditation as a means of personal transformation I offer two primary orientations.

The first orientation is based upon the "Realization Process," a series of simple body-mind meditative exercises for realizing your most subtle, fundamental dimension of consciousness. As you uncover and awaken to this primary dimension of your being you gain access to feeling spiritual oneness with all of life. This primary ground of your being is deeper that your injuries. So as you attune to it as a body experience you become free from the habits of mind and body related to depression, anxiety, bitterness and confusion. What naturally arises is a sense of acceptance for yourself and others and as well as an increased capacity for pleasure. 

    (The Realization Process is a unique approach to Embodied Spiritual Awakening developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD. For more information about Blackstone’s method, books, classes and trainings: realizationcenter.com).

The second orientation involves a self-affirming, life-energy awakening meditative practice drawn from the book I wrote with Candace Cave, BodyMind Boundaries for BeginnersI guide you through a series of meditative-type practices that support emotional autonomy and authenticity in relationship. 

    These meditations guide you to establish a body awareness of your unique sense of self that occupies a personal space. From here you privately explore options and discover how to cultivate inner support as a reliable resource for resolving relationship difficulties from your past, with challenging people, and even during overwhelming emotions.



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