Retreat Intensives (Intimacy Weekends)


We offer unique immersion experiences as an opportunity for your to journey deeper into your personal awakening and sexual healing. Couples experience new levels of intimate meeting and sensual and sexual arousal designed to heal outdated patterns contact. Singles awaken to more aliveness, and heal unresolved emotions so you can have deeper intimacy and acceptance your most authentic Self. All Tantra practices are used within a context of addressing your emotional and spiritual needs. 


Oregon Tantra Sanctuary Intimacy Weekends: include a 45 minute introductory meeting ; and four, 2 hour-plus sessions with Dr Zeb & Candace (one or both of us). A weekend package can last Friday evening to Sunday 1pm, or be explored over a longer period of time. 

Oregon Tantra Sanctuary also offers: Day Long Intensives and sessions by the hour. This includes private white & pink Tantra Sessions, Sensuous Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage

(single or side by side), Tantric Rolfing®, Spiritual Embodiment Meditation, Yoga, Conscious Breath Training,

Somatic Counseling, Relationship Counseling. 


Couples who Attend an Intimacy Weekend

Learn a New Way to IGNITE their Relationship:


  • Deepen the intimacy & connection in your relationship

  • Learn to love your partner & heal lingering emotions / release emotional conflict

  • Awaken orgasmic pleasure in ways that give you access to your spiritual nature. 

  • Create a sexual relationship that honors your love & commitment

  • Banish boredom from the bedroom & enjoy each other in a renewed way

  • Learn ejaculatory choice to increase sexual pleasure, health & vitality

  • Create quality time with your beloved

  • Deepen passion & enhance lovemaking skills

  • Give and receive unconditionally 

  • Blend sexual & heart energy for maximum mutual bliss

  • Realize your spiritual Oneness & your individual Uniqueness

  • Communicate more effectively – both in & out of the bedroom

  • You will learn Tantric practices of love that will greatly blossom your relationship, uncover new pathways of loving in conscious, healing and playful ways!




Singles who Attend an Embodied Awakening Weekend 

Have FUN & AWAKEN Your Aliveness 


  • Heal emotional wounds that limit you 

  • Discover how to experience pleasure in the present moment

  • Awaken personal truths and passions as a creative force in your life 

  • Explore embodiment as a means of enlightenment

  • Banish boredom & uncover pleasure in new ways of being

  • Explore conscious breathing, mantra, yantra, asana, meditation in relationship 

  • Allow yourself to be seen & heard and honored the way you deserve 

  • Learn to Give and Receive unconditionally within healthy boundaries

  • Define a time meant completely for your awakening

  • Learn to access the inner wisdom of your body

  • Deepen capacity for profound self-intimacy & spiritual connection


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