A Sample Adventure

Arrive 3-6pm & relax in your comfortable cottage space or in the garden. Take a leisurely 10-15 minute stroll to Ashland Plaza (or drive & park), eat a scrumptious dinner at one of Ashland’s many world-class restaurants, honor each other with deep loving, and fall asleep early in a comfortable bed. (Or reserve ahead to see a play at OSF or the Cabaret Theater; people-watch at a downtown pub; pre-schedule an evening session with us to relax and begin to awaken your inner aliveness). 








Sleep deliciously late the next morning (or rise early to watch the sunrise over Grizzly Peak, practice yoga, or languish in love). Up & about, enjoy coffee or tea in the garden or snuggled in your comfy love nest. The Breadboard Restaurant is 3 blocks north; Greenleaf and Brothers Restaurants are by the Plaza. All offer fabulous brunch/breakfast fare. 

     At a pre-arranged time during your stay, we’ll guide you in a deeply nourishing, interesting, and arousing experience of harmony, attunement, and love, a “Puja for Two.” Your unique, guided sensory adventure is an exploration of sensual communion and an intimate honoring of your relationship. 

  Your 2+ hour awakening journey stimulates meaningful sensations of life-energy, consciousness, and pleasure  during connection, adds intimate depth to that connection, and provides a variety of new skills to enhance your sensual & energetic explorations of loving. We also might suggest “homeplay,” other intimacy practices for experimentation in your private love nest.

      You will learn how to fill up from the inside with all those qualities you need most in order to feel whole. You will then learn to come to the meeting with your beloved aware of the innermost depths of your being. Your mutual embodiment and core to core contact is the ground from which the richest connection you can have with another human being becomes possible. It is the doorway through which to awaken a powerful energetic resonance between you both, a state of spiritual union and wholeness-of-being. 


  If you chose some of our optional extra experiences, or a Transformational Love Journey, Puja is the culmination of your intimacy adventure at Oregon Tantra Sanctuary. Each guided encounter during your stay is a meaningful orchestration of newly unfolding skills and understandings. Each experience builds upon previous sessions, as you pursue a mutual journey deeper into intimate connection. 

    You are on your own for this second evening of your visit, available to practice more advanced lovemaking practices or to explore some of Ashland’s evening fun. Most evenings you’ll find one or more in-town pubs host live music or jazz/blues jams. In the summer, enjoy OSF’s Green Show or wine & dancing at several vineyards. 

    In the morning before check-out at noon, you’ll perhaps have time for another Ashland adventure, and/or another intimacy journey. Stay an extra night for $100 (subject to availability). 


Sometime during your stay you can take time out for an individual session with 

Candance Cave or Zeb Lancaster, PhD

( put it on chakra garden website)