Somatic Psychology & Tantra Yoga 

    There are many similarities between Somatic Psychology & Tantra Yoga. The principles and practices of both perspectives are intended to guide the human experience towards feelings of connection and well-being, and both use the body as a vehicle to support wholeness.


   Together, Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga integrate the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions of life. They provide a meaningful and often profoundly effective way of healing emotional injury and manifesting your full potential. At Oregon Tantra Sanctuary (OTS), Dr. Zeb Lancaster and Dakini Candace Cave integrate modern Somatic Psychology with the age old practices of Tantra Yoga.  


Subtle-Self: Somatic Psychology enables connection to your most authentic "sense of self," the evolving part of you that is most genuine. Tantra Yoga helps you uncover and awaken your spiritual (nondual) "subtle-self," the most subtle, unchanging, universal ground of your being. (We are all born with an subtle-self, yet it awakens only when it is recognized and supported.) The intensity of life can cause you to lose contact with both your authentic sense of self and your subtle-self. At OTS, we guide couples to experience mutual support and acknowledgment for authentic behavior, so the subtle-self awakens and comes alive. ​

Life-Energy: Both Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga work with the life-energy system of the body-mind, exploring the natural cycles of energy charge and discharge. Psychology primarily looks at the mental and emotional interruptions to the flow of life energy through the body. Tantra Yoga explores the movement of life energy through the  subtle core of the body via the chakra energy centers. At OTS, we use Tantra Yoga and Somatic Psychology to help couples recognize and change their inhibitions of natural cycles of building and releasing life-energy charge. You can explore various ways to awaken playfulness and depth of meaning as you engage your authentic aliveness.

Presence: Presence is awareness of the current moment (right now). Somatic Psychology embraces Presence as a mental focus, like mindfulness. Tantra Yoga guides people to awaken Presence as a whole body experience. At OTS, we guide couples to awaken embodied Presence. Together, couples can experience Direct Awakening of your spiritual awareness, wholeness-of-being, and mutual attunement. 

Fixed patterns of tension & consciousness: Most relationships elicit habits of mind and body, and patterns of tension & consciousness, that interfere with intimacy. Tantra Yoga and Somatic Psychology address these habits and patterns from an energetic orientation. At OTS, we help couples discover how they interrupt the energetic flow of aliveness through their body as they face daily life and the emotional challenges of their relationship. With that information you can transform how you meet your beloved on all levels: with the heart, with the mind, with the body. 

Spirituality: Our spirituality is a authentic relationship with the ground of being and an embodied experience of wholeness. Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga support a body and mind understanding of your sense of authenticity, essential nature, and meaning in your life. At OTS, we help couples discover that the path of relationship is ultimately a spiritual path (not religion). You will use practices of sacred sexuality to cultivate your full body experience of mutual awareness, pleasurable sensation, and arousing life-energy. 

Sexuality: Tantra Yoga in the Kashmiri Shivaism tradition emphasizes sexuality as a means of spiritual awakening and personal growth. Sensual experience is a creative force that awakens every aspect of our wholeness-of-being. Somatic Psychology applies Freud's theories of psychosexual stages and libido to body processes and emotional growth. At OTS, we intelligently integrate the principles and practices of both Tantra Yoga with Somatic Psychology to awaken and enhance couples experience of the qualities of their sensual intimacy. You will explore simple practices, ancient and modern, to enliven mutual, sensual pleasure. 

Tantra Yoga is an ancient form of body oriented psycho-spirituality. It is a personal growth path that recognizes the value of the body in achieving emotional freedom from outdated habits of mind and action, and for healing anxiety and other emotional injuries. As a school of thought and practice, Tantra Yoga has a history of over five thousand years of bringing together the intelligence of the mind and the wisdom of the body. 

Somatic Psychology recognizes that how you think about your life influences how your body functions, that your physical state of being influences the thoughts you have, and that both mind and body influence your wholeness-of-being. The relationship you have with your body helps free you from the fixed patterns that limit your sense of self and authentic nature. 

    At Oregon Tantra Sanctuary, Dr Zeb Lancaster and Candance Cave integrate modern Somatic Psychology with the age old practices of Tantra Yoga.  Our orientation can either focus on sensuality and sexual potential, or on simple mind-body tools as a path towards emotional growth, more intimacy with self and others and spiritual awakening.  Our depth of understanding and clear boundaries allow for personal meaning to unfold at a variety of levels.


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