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Meet with Meaning and Mutuality

at Oregon Tantra Sanctuary

      I, Dr. Zeb Lancaster, am an energy oriented body-mind healers, each with more than 30-years experience, training, and study. Discover more about our individual expertise and specialties by clicking on our website links above.


      My work is dynamic, insightful, deep, and ever-changing. I've co-written 3-books, offer regular classes and groups. 

As a healer and teacher, I ame particularly interested in helping you uncover more intimacy with your Self and evolve more meaningful relationships with Others. My desire is to assist you to uncover an embodied sense of your own connected wholeness as you explore and awaken the many qualities of your unique aliveness. My work is a blend of Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga.

Private sessions at Oregon Tantra Sanctuary generally cost $80-$180/hour (depending upon type of work) and could include:


Weekly Classes, Groups

I offer guided retreats for couples & singles at our healing space.

For more information, explore this website or contact me:

541 292-9876