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  Oregon Tantra Sanctuary is a philosophy and an experience. Our perspective and environment are orchestrated with the intention of you awakening your most authentic truth. We offer a sanctuary for you to feel your own wholeness as a full-body experience, an expression of your essential nature. You will learn to use this experience to deepen and make sacred your relationship with others. 

   Tantra Yoga is a somatic (body/mind), energy, & relationship oriented conscious experience intended to deepen emotional growth and inspire spiritual awakening. Tantra reveals the qualities inherent in your authentic self, not only as a concept, but as you feel it in your body, right now, in the beauty of the present moment.  

   At Oregon Tantra Sanctuary we provide a safe place for you to awaken more experience of aliveness, subtle sensation, and to your true and basic nature, beneath the fantasies, artifices, and constraints that distort your usual experience. Awaken to the most subtle and most clear attunement to your self, the world around you and to those people you care about most. We guide simple Tantra Yoga tools like conscious breathing, transmission of vitality, aware touch, and the experience of unity. We combine Tantra with the tools of Western psychology skills like, finding meaning, experiential listening, and core communication.

    We, Dr. Zeb Lancaster &  Candace Cave, are both life-energy oriented body-mind healers, each with more than 30-years experience, training, and study. Our environment is a private, earthy, garden sanctuary, located in the artistic and health-oriented community of Ashland, Oregon. Travelers have come to basque in our town's Lithia Waters since the 1870s and to enjoy the world-renowned repretory company, Oregon Shakespeare Theatre, since the 1930s. 


    We specialize in guiding couples to re-ignite deeper levels of intimacy, love, and spiritual communion. We help individuals awaken to their wholeness-of-being.  Our approach includes a solid understanding of Western somatic psychology and both Hindu and Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra yoga. These simple modern and ancient embodiment techniques are superb tools for enhancing inner support and awakening one’s most authentic nature in relationship.


We invite you on a journey of awakening…


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