Oregon Tantra Sanctuary
at Chakra Garden of Ashland


Meet with Meaning, Mutuality, and Unity

at Oregon Tantra Sanctuary


What happens when we work together: 


We, Dr. Zeb Lancaster & Candace Cave, are both life-energy oriented body-mind healers, each with more than 30-years experience, training, and study. Discover more about our individual expertise and specialties by clicking on our website links above. 

Our work together is dynamic, insightful, deep, and ever-changing. We've co-written 3-books, co-host a lively arena of traveling tourists, plus regular classes and groups. Partners since 2009, our philosophies, perspecives, and interests are aligned and our strengths generally compliment each other. He fills in where she lacks; she sees what he has missed. 

As healers and teachers, we are particularly interested in helping you uncover more intimacy with your Self and evolve more meaningful relationships with Others. Our desire is to assist you to uncover an embodied sense of your own wholeness-of-being as you explore and awaken the many qualities of your unique aliveness in contact with others. Our work is a blend of Somatic Psychology and Tantra Yoga.

Private sessions at Oregon Tantra Sanctuary generally cost $60-$100/hour (depending upon type of work) and could include:

Somatic Counseling 

Therapeutic Bodywork 

Rolfing® & Postural Integration

Meditation and Embodiment Guidance

Intimacy Therapy & Coaching

Energy Tune-ups/Chakra Awakening

Herbal & Sensory Nurturing

Tantra Yoga Education (Principles & Practices)

Core Communication

Weekly Embodied Nondual Meditation gatherings

Experiences of aliveness in the Body


Management of Life-energy & Vitality

Using sensory experience as resource for healing.

Unwinding fixed patterns of tension in body/mind/emotions

Orientation to relationship between self & other

Exploring touch & all the senses

Boundaries & Sacred Space

Seek wholeness & profound connection for each person

We offer guided retreats for couples & singles at our healing space, Chakra Garden of Ashland.

For more information, explore this website or contact us:

Private Tantra Education/Coaching (by the hour)


Do you feel that there may be more to love than you currently experience? Are you ready to deepen your joy and aliveness, enjoy more pleasure, and create more intimate connection in life? Private Tantra education / coaching with Dr. Zeb and/or Dakini Candance provides you with direct experience of the deepest levels of Tantra practices. 





Candace Cave, BA & ACTE,

"energy tune-ups" are deeply therapeutic & healing. 





Private Somatic Counseling Sessions with Dr Zeb 


I am a multi dimensional therapist. In general I help you discover and cultivate your emotional, physical, mental resources so you can skillfully manage your relationship with yourself and others. In reality I blend a rich mixture of methods that specifically addresses how you interrupt your potential and get caught on automatic unsupportive habits of mind and body leading to often on-going subtle levels of anxiety and depression. 


I us variety of modalities: Psychology (25+ years as a somatic psychotherapist and counselor); Rolfing and Structural Integration; the life-energy practices of Yoga Therapy and Tantra Yoga; and my words via my writings and my classes. I combine ancient body-mind methods with today's cutting edge modalities of personal growth to guide and tailor your healing journey.

Tantra Yoga has different levels of awakening energetically. In neo-Tantra terminology, red Tantra Yoga is sexual, pink is the art of intimacy, and white is self-intimacy.  I teach "pink" Tantra (intimate)  with couples and "white" Tantra yoga (consciousness and life-energy) with single participants. All practices are done while clothed with conscientious attention to integrity and boundaries. 



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Dr. Zeb
Candace Cave